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Having difficulty fitting counseling into your busy schedule?

If traveling to appointments is a creating a problem, on-line video counseling is a great therapy option.




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Now more than ever, our modern life leads to a shortage of time to take care of ourselves. Cor Counseling provides online counseling options so you can have access to our highly trained team of local compassionate mental health professionals when you need them most. Online counseling can be an excellent option for people with busy schedules or those that distance or health is a barrier to getting counseling.  Providing the best online counseling for our clients is extremely important to us, that’s why you can rest easy knowing that you will always have a private, in person, easy to schedule session with your friendly counselor.



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What is online counseling and how does it work?

Online counseling video sessions work in much the same way as video chat programs such as Skype and Facetime. Cor Counseling uses Telehealth to provide HIPPA complaint online counseling services. We provide live stream video option where you will “meet” with your therapist using video conferencing rather than in-person.


Who could benefit from the option of online counseling video sessions?

There are many barriers that keep people from investing in counseling: travel time, schedule restrictions, job requirements, health issues, and the list goes on.  Online counseling video sessions allow someone to “attend” appointments at the time and location that works for them.


Does my insurance cover online counseling?

As of January 1, 2017, all insurers including private payers, employee health plans and Medicaid Managed Care are required to cover live video telehealth. Make sure to call and check with your insurance company and ask about their coverage for behavioral health benefits via telehealth.


What program do you use?

 Each therapist uses their own preferred platform for online sessions.  Your therapist will explain how to access a secure link in order to connect to your online session. All of our therapists use  HIPPA compliant video platforms in order to provide reliable video streaming services that guarantees security and confidentiality.

Is TeleHealth just as private as in-person sessions?

Your therapist will conduct your session in a private, secure location just as they would in a live, in-person counseling session.  You will need to make sure that your own area is secure as well.


How does scheduling work?

You will work with your therapist to schedule the day and time of your appointment.  You will be sent a reminder of your upcoming session 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Your therapist will explain how to access a secure link in order to connect to your online session.


How do I get started?

Select the counselor you would like to work with and give them a call.  There are certain diagnoses and situations that are not appropriate for telehealth sessions, so you will need to complete your first intake session and then discuss if telehealth is a good option moving forward.