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Sonia Combs, MS, LMHC, NCC, CMHS

*Currently not accepting new clients*

“Whatever the struggle, I have found that heart-to-heart human connection is an essential part of growth and healing. My passion is to help individuals and families identify and treat issues that are causing problems so that they can move toward personal freedom and improved relationships. I strive to create an environment of acceptance while also encouraging action toward client-centered values.”

Sonia received her graduate degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis on Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Washington University. She has training and experience in several evidence-based therapies for treating mental health conditions that impact children, adolescents, and adults. Sonia is a licensed mental health counselor with the State of Washington as well as a certified child mental health specialist. When requested, Sonia integrates values of faith into sessions, viewing each person’s journey toward God as an important component of treatment.

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“Sonia treated me with such respect and care, honestly to me she has become someone I both looked to for advice as well as enjoyed being with.”

“I have had many counselors over the years; Sonia is by far the best one I’ve had. She listens and I feel a real connection. My time with her has been very helpful.”