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Biofeedback Spokane

Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that has been around for many years. It helps teach people how to influence their autonomic nervous systems in the areas of General Stress Reduction, Brainwave Relaxation Training, Pain Management, and Muscular Re-Education.  A wide variety of refined parameters unique to each client are used. Each session can be customized to support specific or general stress profiles.

Within the paradigm of mental health, biofeedback can be a very powerful tool to incorporate with counseling by supporting nervous system and brainwave balance, so as to support the body’s healing mechanisms for mind, body and spirit.

Biofeedback may be helpful for those looking for:

  • Holistic Stress Reduction
  • Relaxation Training
  • Brainwave Relaxation Training
  • Muscular Re-education
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Pattern Entraining
  • Gentle, Non-invasive Support
  • Holistic and Alternative Options
Team members who specialize in Biofeedback:

For more detailed information about the biofeedback process visit https://www.mind-bodywellnessllc.com/quantumbiofeedback.html